Tinka Orchard CSA

Update, January 2011: We are getting together in February for a planning meeting and we will update this page asap with news for the 2011 CSA.  Looking forward to bringing you Al’s fresh fruit again this year!

We are delighted to be working with Otto’s long-time friend and fellow-retired-teacher to bring you Vancouver’s first orchard-fruit CSA!

Tinka Orchard CSA supports the farm of Al Tinka in Summerland, BC and ensures that he receives a fair price for his delicious orchard fruit, allowing him to continue to farm his heirloom fruit trees in the natural, sustainable way he always has.

There are a total of 20 shares available, each consisting of 120lbs of a variety of plums, pears, and apples.   The fruit is available at 3 pick-up dates in late summer and early fall.

All the fruit is grown by Al Tinka, in Summerland, BC.  The CSA is coordinated by Sonia Strobel and Allison Bennett in Vancouver.

Al Tinka purchased his Orchard in 1975 and has been farming it as a labour of love ever since.  Some of his oldest heirloom trees are up to 65 years old.

Al does not use sprays or pesticides of any kind.  He farms in a traditional way that sustains the health of the orchard, farmer and consumer long term.  While the orchard is not certified organic, the CSA model fosters a closer link between producers and consumers.  So any questions consumers may have about specific orchard practices can be easily answered – please contact the CSA coordinators if you have any questions!

How does it all work?

Membership Share: $250.

Members will receive a total of roughly 120lbs of fruit, through 3 pickups of 40lbs of fruit each:

Pick up #1: Early August – Plums

Yellow Plums                     30lbs

Peach Plums                      10 lbs

Pick up #2: Late August – Plums & Pears

Early Italian Plums                 15lbs

Yakima Plums 7lbs

Bradshaw Plums 3lbs

Bartlett Pears 15lbs

Pick-up #3: Late Sept – Pears & Apples

Bosc Pear 10lbs

Flemish Pear 5lbs

Apples *25lbs

There are approximately 10- 20 different varieties of apples on the Orchard that mature in September and October

Pick-up locations:

- East Vancouver (Main and 37th)

- Point Grey (Sasamat and 8th)


Each share will be $250, giving members fruit at an average price of $2.08/lb.

Of this $2.08/lb, a full $1.50/lb will be paid directly to Al, the grower, with the remainder being used to cover administrative costs. A per-pound rate like that is between two and three times what would be paid to Al by the commercial fruit industry. We’ve done some comparison shopping for bulk fruit: currently, organic Okanagan apples can be purchased for $80/ case of 100, which is about $3.20/lb. Last season, organic Okanagan plums could be purchased for $3/lb for a 20lb case. We think you’ll agree that $2.08 is a fair price for everyone.

Because this is the first year of this CSA’s operations, a conservative amount of $0.58/lb has been reserved to cover administration, operation, distribution, packaging, or other anticipated or unanticipated costs. Any funds that are not used for these purposes will be given to the farmer, Al Tinka, at the end of the CSA program, effectively increasing his per lb rate. We will send a summary of these other costs to members, and based on this year’s expenses and feedback, we can adjust the price or quantity of fruit received by members for the following year’s CSA.

Not sure you can use 120lbs of fruit? Consider splitting your share with family, friends, or neighbours!

Interested in joining?  Please contact us and we will email you a membership form!

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