How much does it cost & what will I get?

Your membership costs $250 for the year.

In exchange, you will receive approximately 35lbs of whole, cleaned, head-on sockeye or the equivalent value in other species of salmon.  This year, this would amount to roughly 7 whole sockeye fish at around 5lbs each (about $7/lb). Each of our species and items has a “member price” associated with it.  As nother example of what your share could look like, members who took their whole share as sockeye fillets this year received approximately 18lbs of fillets.

You have the option of coming to as many or as few pick-ups as you like.  Once you join, you will receive regular email updates throughout the season letting you know when and what is available for pick up.  At each pick-up you attend, you can select whatever you’d like to take for your share.  We record what you’ve taken in our spreadsheet, the dollar value is subtracted from your $250 total, and we can tell you at any time how much is left in your share.  In the fall, we will let you know when the last date is for you to collect the remainder of your share.  After this date, any uncollected fish will be donated to charity.

In addition to their share of salmon, members also receive other bonuses like free filleting demos and a big year-end barbecue!

Inherent in the CSF model is a certain degree of risk.  If the sockeye runs are very poor, for example, you will receive an equivalent value of other salmon.  But we have set our membership limits conservatively to ensure that members have the best chance of receiving the best value for their share.  In the event of a disaster leading to no fishing at all, you will receive a reimbursement for at least $150 of your share.  The up-to-$100 contingency will cover costs that may have already been incurred for the fishing season such as license fees, fuel, etc.

You may also choose to take your share as other salmon products such as boneless, vacuum-packed fillets, smoked salmon, lox, or candied salmon.  You will get a little less fish to compensate for the cost of having these products made, but you will still be receiving your CSF member’s rate.

Ready to join? Visit this page to buy a membership.