Prairie CSF

If you live in Regina, Saskatoon, or Calgary, you can now  join the CSF the same way that members in Vancouver do!

How does it work?

2010 was our first year opening our CSF to members in Regina.  We drove out to Regina in September with member shares of salmon which were available for pick up at one of two times and locations.  We gave talks and slide shows as well and chatted with members about all their fishing questions.  Because of huge success in Regina and interest in other prairie cities, we have decided to expand this year to include drop-offs of fish in Calgary and Saskatoon!

How much is one share? $250.

Your membership rate is the same as for Vancouver members.  Your share will be about a 10% smaller in value to cover the cost of transporting the fish.

What will I get?

You will receive a variety of species and products based on our catch.

You have 3 share options to choose from: A, B, and C, each of which cost $250:

- Option A: all whole fish
- Option B: a variety of whole fish and vacuum-packed fillets
- Option C: a selection of whole fish, vacuum-packed fillets, and smoked products
While option A will give you the most fish for your money, and options B and C will contain a smaller amount of product to compensate for the cost of processing.  CSF members receive a spectrum of species of salmon based on the season’s catch.  For example, if, like this past year, we have a heavy sockeye year, members will receive most of their share as sockeye.  If our catch is about 33% sockeye, 33% chum, and 33% pink salmon, your share will represent this spread.
When joining via pay pal, please indicate in the “notes to shipper” section which box you would like to receive.
Exactly how much fish are we talking about?
We set our “price list” for each item based on fuel and other costs for the 2011 season, but to give you a rough idea, here are a few examples of what some Regina members’ shares looked like in 2010:
Member A:  31.45lbs whole sockeye
Member B:  17.53lbs sockeye fillet
Member C:  5.11 lbs whole sockeye, 5.57lbs whole pink, 13.5lbs sockeye fillet
Member D:  14.7lbs sockeye fillet, 6.97 lbs pink fillet
Please remember that this is an example. Your share will look differently each year based on the nature of the fishing season.  Whenever possible, we will also offer smoked products to our prairie members as well as fillets and whole fish.

Since this is only our second year bringing our CSF to the prairie provinces, we are open to suggestions!  All prairie members will receive regular fishing season updates and we will let you know as the end of the season approaches what, when, and how you can expect to receive your share.

Questions or concerns?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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