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Flyer specials on sockeye abound – but where are they from? Not BC! Not Alaska! Not anywhere recognized as sustainable. Here’s an example: on the front page of today’s Buy-Low flyer is photo of some lovely bright sockeye salmon. The photo is cleverly placed right under the “BC Day” Headline and provincial flag to make it seem local. Everything else on the front page contains an official logo of some kind such as the “buyBC” logo or the “Canadian Beef” logo. But the fish has nothing to identify where it is from. No MSC certification, no “buyBC” logo, certainly not Oceanwise. Our BC sockeye returns are strong so far this year, why are we shipping salmon from…? FWIW my guess is Siberia!
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Now as salmon returns are the best in years the fish companies are dropping prices to half of 1980s levels while fuel remains at 4 times the price of that era. Independent fishers who find their own customers are force to sell some of their fish to packers at minimal prices in order to get ice. Costco Canada, which normally sells large volumes of farmed salmon, is purchasing wild sockeye through a Delta based fish company at about $1.50 per lb. This not only requires company fishermen to work extremely hard to make a living, but puts a huge price squeeze on independents trying to sell at a reasonable but non-fluctuating price. Thankfully many conscientious consumers are becoming aware of the importance of paying food prices that reflect the cost of producing food in sustainable ways year in and year out. Thank you for continuing to support independent food producers everywhere!

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