How the CSF works

A “Community Supported Fishery” is inspired by the very successful model of “Community Supported Agriculture” (CSA) which seeks to link consumers to family businesses that produce local, organic, sustainable, fairly traded food. In a CSF, as in a CSA, consumers purchase a share in the business.  They share in the benefits and joys of the fishery as well as the risks.  In exchange, the consumer receives a share of the best of what is produced that year.  As with CSAs, CSFs help ensure that independent, small scale harvesters remain in an industry which is rapidly becoming dominated by big business and aquaculture.

By investing a sum at the start of the season, customers guarantee that we have enough money to operate our fishing business for the season.  In exchange, customers will receive a bounty of wild, fresh, northern salmon.

Want to know more?  Find out how much it costs to join, where & when to pick up your fish, what other products are available at the end of the season, and how to join.